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Matter Over Mind begins with a thought-provoking journey through the Cosmos to illustrate the startling contrast between nature's chaotic but rich processes, and the human mind's organized but underperforming habits. This book reveals how humanity could achieve even greater heights if we allow ourselves to rethink how we think.

Chaos theory, which is wonderfully explained in this book is a foundational recipe in nature and large group behavior. Abstract thinking is the opposite force that leads to frustrating inconsistencies in society and even limitations in technology. Viewing the world through both lenses illuminates the deeper dynamics of the world and a better way forward for humanity.

Video Introduction to my book – MATTER OVER MIND: COSMOS, CHAOS, AND CURIOSITY
This reading is the first 5 pages of the introduction. Once you've heard (or read) this much, you can feel free to skip around in the rest of the book. I will eventually record all of the chapters as an audiobook. For now, enjoy the introduction!

In 2014 I raised $20,000 on KICKSTARTER to finish and launch the book. Thanks to all who contributed.